About the Vending Machine Business

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Many of the manufacturers and distributors of bulk vending machines and products are honest, reliable people.

Unfortunately, over the years, a small number of vending companies have tried to sell machines and routes at inflated prices. These same companies also tell you that there is little or nothing to do to be successful in the vending business. They make their living by selling business opportunities to investors that are greedy, lazy, and inexperienced to the vending business. Many of these people who invest in this kind of business opportunity, usually end up losing most if not all of their investment money.

The vending industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry

The vending industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Bulk vending machines only make up about 1% of the entire vending industry. Bulk vending machines can sell nuts, gumballs, capsule toys and much more. Most of the bulk vending machines are mechanical and do not need electricity to operate. Bulk machines tend to be smaller, less expensive, and usually vend product that have a long shelf life or are non-perishable. Health and safety concerns are minimal, compared to electrically operated vending machines which may sell perishable food products. Most bulk machines sell products for 50 cents or less.

The vending business should be thought of just like any other business. This business may be run part time or full time. The best way to get started is to start small and grow the business just like you would almost any other business out there. If you are looking for a get rich quick business, this business opportunity is not for you. You must be willing to work hard if you want to succeed in this business. It is important to keep good records of your profits, since this is an all-CASH business.

If you overpay for your machines, products, and locations, your chances of success are minimal. Blue sky companies usually impress you by fancy brochures and empty promises. You should be very skeptical if something seems to be too good to be true. It usually is.

The three most important rules for success in the vending business are location,location,location. Almost any machine can make money in the right location. The challenge is to get enough machines in the right locations with the right product. This could be a task at first, but once you learn the business it becomes easier. Locations may be found by a vendor or a professional locating company. Finding the right location may take time, so don't give up. All locations are not equal. You will know if a location is doing well after 30-60 days. It may take this long because sometimes you have the right machine but the wrong product. A realistic return on your investment would be 6 months to one year to make your money back. This is still better than most other business opportunities that could take 2 or 3 years to make your money back.

Vending Professionals is here to help you. Whether you are new to the vending industry or have been in it for years. We can sell our machines at very low prices. This is because we do not spend money on fancy brochures or high priced fast talking sales people. We only sell machines that we have on our own locations. We also have an in house locator that finds our locations as well. How could a company honestly sell machines or promote a locator that they would not want to use themselves. We also give you an unlimited amount of support with your vending business questions. Why go with the rest, when you could have the best. Get started in the vending business today.

Earn a 20% commission

Vending Professionals will provide you with almost any type of vending equipment you want or need. We will give you a 20% commission of gross sales, just for allowing us to place a vending machine in your business. This service is available anywhere on Long Island or NYC. Earn 20% commission on vending machines from Lou Ligeri!

The machines on this website are the most popular machines, but we are able to get you almost any vending equipment you need or want. We are here to help you run a successful vending business.

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In uncertain economic times,consumers often look for ways to supplement their income. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers about help wanted ads that promise large profits for servicing automatic vending machines or display racks. This may sound like an easy way to make big bucks, but be cautious! Although some business opportunities that service vending machines or display racks are legitimate, many are not.Lou Ligeri, owner of Vending Professionals warns," Potential investors should get all the facts or they may end up becoming a victim of fraud."

Although some ads convey the impression that the advertiser is offering a job, the actual purpose is to sell equipment and merchandise. Many advertisers fail to disclose that vending machines are even involved in the offer.

Fraudulent promoters may use the following tactics to take your money:

  1. Inflated profit projections,including elaborate charts that may have no basis in fact.
  2. Locator services, in which the company claims to employ an expert locator to find prime locations for its machines. The service usually ends once any establishment willing to have a machine on its premises is found, regardless of how many potential customers that area will attract.
  3. Training programs that are generally superficial or non-existent. And it should be noted that it is impossible to learn to be a successful vending operator in one or two weeks from an out of town salesperson.
  4. Good deals on machines, which may turn out to be machines sold for two or three times their actual value.
  5. Repurchase plans, in which vending promoters offer to buy back inventory from the investor.Unforunately, the promoter is usually long gone by the time the investor tries to exercise this option.
  6. Guarantees offered by sales agents often are worthless because the agent can not be located and the manufacturer will not honor them.

Vending Professionals wants to help people who have been victims of fraud in the vending business. If you have been a victim, please call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357. Then call Vending Professionals for a free consultation to learn how a legitimate vending machine business is operated. There are no obligations or minimum requirements to fulfill. Vending Professionals is all about building trust and ethical relationships with our customers.

For more information, please Contact Vending Professionals today by clicking here or call 516.467.4718.

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